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1.    There is NO SMOKING in caravans

2.    Please ensure that no ball games are played against the outside of the caravans, as this will cause damage.

3.    Please ensure you remove table (if one) from the shower, and pull curtain around you when showering.

4.    ALL worktops should be up when using rings, grill and cooker.

5.    Please do not stand on seats and beds.

6.    Do not cut on worktops and tables.

7.    Do not force the windows and doors; most of the windows have turn locks which need releasing to allow them to close.
       If window stays click when opening they need to be opened fully to allow them to close.

8.    Please ensure water containers are kept topped up, if the water runs out it will damage the pump.

9.    The awning light will flatten battery very quickly if left on.

10.   Please don’t remove the window labels with your name in the front window as this is for the use of the staff to
        find you with replacement gas, batteries etc. if necessary.

11.   Do not remove seats from the caravans.

12.   Please ensure you remove all belongings and check all cupboards when leaving, and leave the caravan as you find it.

13.   Do not leave cutlery soaking in the sink.

14.   Do not put any item down the toilet which is NOT water souble as they will block the pump.  This especially aplies to 
        products like
wet wipes, facial wipes, snitary items, nappies etc. 

        Please leave toilet clean and emptied on your departure.

         £40 will be deducted from your deposit if not done. 

15.   Any damage or loss in or outside the caravan will result in the loss of your deposit.


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Leisure battery usage

As some may be aware, the 12V battery included with the caravan provides all the power when the mains 230V hook up facility is not available. Therefore the battery that you have on the caravan is essential in your stay.

As caravans have developed throughout the recent years, they have become more and more dependable on batteries. As a result, we have fitted larger batteries than before as a standard; this is so that the customer will be able to have a relaxing stay while hiring our caravans without all the fuss of worrying about a battery. But unnecessary usage of the battery will soon make it go flat, which is inconvenient for you and for our team.

We realise that different customers have different uses for our caravans meaning that some people use more power than others. But our team are not available all the time especially around the busy holiday times of the year.

So to help our customers have a more comfortable stay with less hassle for you and our team these are a few tips to minimise battery power usage so that the battery can be more efficient, last longer and be more reliable.







Use the strip lighting rather than the spotlights

Minimise usage of 12V appliances such as televisions

Minimise usage of the heating fan

Turn off gas water heater after use it only takes up to 20 mins to heat up when you need hot water

Turn off power when leaving the caravan on main switch inside the caravan if there is one

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Hirer Cancellations

If you cancel your hire then we shall endeavour to re-let the vehicle to another client.

If we are able to do so, then you will get a refund of monies paid less an administration charge of £25.00 (inc VAT) per Caravan.

If we are unable to do so, the Hirer will be liable to pay the administration charge plus costs on a scale proportionate to the length of time before the hire commences, as set out below:



Exceeding 56 days from hire date

Between 55 days and 42 days

Between 41 days and 28 days

Less than 28 days from hire date

40% of deposit

60% of deposit

Loss of deposit

Loss of Hire charges


Hirers are advised to obtain their own insurance cover to safeguard against such losses.


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